Useful map of Chile and Argentina to organise your trip

Seguramente has estado buscando mapas de Chile y Argentina que te puedan ayudar a encontrar algunas respuestas a las principales preguntas. En este caso, traemos algunas de esas respuestas para ayudarte a programar tu próximo viaje. Por supuesto que siempre puedes consultar un experto en viajes en Argentina Pura y dejar que te ayudemos con eso que tanto tiempo te está llevando.

Where are the main attractions of Chile and Argentina on the map?

Below you will find an interactive map of Argentina and Chile that will help you locate the main places of interest in the North, the highest area of the Andes, where Salta and Jujuy are located on the Argentinean side or the Atacama Desert in Chile. Also, as is the case throughout both countries, you can cross borders in several places to experience Patagonia at its best in the south of the continent where the most visited National Parks of the region are located. In the central area to the East, there is Buenos Aires and the Pampean region or to the West the wine region in Argentina or already in Chile where Santiago de Chile is at the same altitude as Mendoza.
Let’s not forget also the Iguazu Falls at the other end of the map, in the Northeast region where it meets the South of Brazil and Paraguay.

A summary of all this is shown in the map below.

Interactive map of Argentina and Chile

Mapa de Chile y Argentina

Buenos Aires

Is the Argentina Capital City and one of the most important hubs to travel around the country.

Mendoza & The Wine Country

Mendoza is the wine region of Argentina and where The Aconcagua Mount is located. It is just a few hours drive from Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago is the chilean capital city and from here you can visit the wine area, Valparaíso and Viña Del Mar.

Salta & Jujuy

Main capitals of the Argentinian North, are great spots to visit the highest part of the Andean Puna in Argentina and Chile.

Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is at the North of Patagonia and is where you can observe penguins and whales plus other sea animals.

Iguazu Falls

See some of the highest Falls around the world in Argentina and Brasil.


Atacama is a high Desert at the North of Chile, if you like that kind of moon looking landscapes, that's the place to go.


The Lake District is famous around the world by its impressive beauty. Don't hesitate to include it in your trip.

El Calafate

El Calafate is the area of the Glaciers. This is a must go in Patagonia for every trip!

El Chaltén

Our Argentinian Capital of trekking in Patagonia. A place to enjoy mountain trails and enjoy nature and wilderness


The end of the world! Ushuaia is the southern most city in our continent and the best connection with Antarctic.

Torres del Paine

One of the most beautiful places in the world. Explore the main spots of the Chilean Patagonia here.


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