Travelling to Argentina from Spain

Once you have decided to travel to Argentina from Spain, the work of making decisions begins. When you will travel, which company you will travel with, how many days you should stay in each place or what are the things you should take into account when travelling to Argentina.

It is possible that you have been motivated by friends or a relative who has travelled before, or you know an Argentinean who, already living in Spain, has given you advice on a thousand and one things you can do when travelling around our country.

You are probably also wondering what restrictions you may still encounter when travelling after the post-pandemic relaxation of mobility. Here is some information and useful advice that we can offer you from Argentina Pura so that you can start living your experience today.

How to travel to Argentina from Spain?

If you are looking to travel from Spain, we must say that it is one of the countries that offers the best connectivity from Europe with direct flights to Buenos Aires or also via Santiago de Chile, Lima or Sao Paulo. From Spain, the companies that offer the most options are Iberia, Air Europa or Aerolíneas Argentinas. But also, in case you are looking for connections trying to fly cheaper, you could try KLM, Air France or Latam for example. The options are many and if you do your research in good time, you can find good prices.
We advise you to look at least 6 to 8 months in advance to get the best conditions.

When you buy a trip with Argentina Pura, you can buy your flight in advance and tell us what your starting and return days are and we will adapt the itinerary to your trip or, in case it is easier for you, we can look at the international flight for you so you don’t have to think about anything.

Requirements for travelling to Argentina

Travelling from Spain, the requirements for travelling to Argentina will be very simple. Nowadays, PCR and vaccination certificates are no longer required, so with a valid passport you will be able to enter Argentina and enjoy all the destinations in the country without any problems. Now, in case you want to cross to Chile, it will be necessary to have a complete vaccination schedule, but it will not be necessary to take the PCR test, unless you have not been fully vaccinated in your country of origin, and in that case you will have to take the test within 48 hours before entering the country.

We invite you to see our itineraries to start planning your trip to Argentina.