Salta is one of the most desired tourist destinations in Argentina. It is a place full of history, culture and spectacular landscapes. It is known as “Salta, the beautiful one”.
It is characterised by its Spanish colonial architecture and its Andean heritage. The city is centred around the elegant Plaza 9 de Julio, surrounded by cafes, around which the Salta Cathedral and El Cabildo are located. Nearby is the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña (MAAM), which contains Inca artefacts and mummies.

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Uncovering the Rich Culture and Scenic Wonders of Northern Argentina

About Salta

One of the main places to visit in this beautiful province is the Los Cardones National Park in Cachi, home to the greatest diversity of cacti in the country.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, the typical dishes of the region are: the famous empanadas salteñas, humita, locro and tamales. Therefore, there is enough variety for you to enjoy an entertaining gastronomic tour. Besides, in Salta you can’t miss the chance to taste its delicious wines and visit its wineries.
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Among the most outstanding tourist destinations that we offer in the province of Salta from Argentina Pura, you will find the following:


It is a small town in the Calchaquí Valley in the province of Salta, in the north of Argentina.
It is located 2531 metres above sea level. It has an unequalled archaeology dating back to ancient civilizations and its natural landscape makes it an incredible place.
Cachi is 157 kilometres away from the city of Salta and 165 kilometres from Cafayate.
The famous Los Cardones National Park is located in this tourist destination.


It is one of the most spectacular and sought-after tourist destinations in northern Argentina, a town in the Calchaquí Valleys, well known for the quality of its wine production. The highest wine route in the world is located here. Besides, it is a very distinguishable town due to its reddish rock formations.
Cafayate is located about 200 km from the capital of Salta. It is well known for its rock formation called La Garganta del Diablo, among others.
This destination offers endless proposals for wine lovers, from wineries and vineyards, tastings of internationally renowned wines to vine and wine museums.


It is an emblematic tourist destination that can only be accessed from the Province of Jujuy.
Iruya is located at 2780 metres above sea level and approximately 320 kilometres away from the capital city of Salta.
It is renowned for its geographic beauty, its narrow and steep streets, its adobe, stone and straw houses. Besides, it has imposing landscapes with breathtaking panoramic views.
Iruya offers a perfect mix of aboriginal and Hispanic culture, which is why it achieves an outstanding interculturality.
The most recommended activities in Iruya are horseback riding, hiking or trekking.

San Antonio de los Cobres

It is an iconic place in Salta. A typical village of the Puna Salteña located 164 km northwest of the city of Salta and 3775 metres above sea level.
Known for being very close to the famous Tren de las Nubes (Train to the Clouds). San Antonio de los Cobres got its name from San Antonio: protector of mules, patron saint of muleteers and travellers. And for its proximity to the Sierra de Cobre.
One of the most interesting and attractive places to visit is the viaduct La Polvorilla of the Tren de las Nubes.
Another tourist attraction in San Antonio de los Cobres is the Fiesta Nacional de la Pachamama (Mother Earth).

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