Wine tour in Cafayate, Salta wine tours
Wine tour in Cafayate
Church in Cafayate


It is one of the most spectacular and sought after tourist destinations in the north of Argentina, a locality of the Calchaquí Valleys, well known for the quality of its wine production. It is the locality where the highest wine route in the world is located. Above all, it is characterised by the Torrontés grape variety, one of the richest varietals it has and which is only produced in Argentina. It is also a very distinctive town due to its reddish rock formations. Cafayate is located about 200 km from the capital of Salta and has a population of approximately 15000 inhabitants. The name of this place is of Quechua origin and one of the possible meanings is: "Cajón de agua". Other sources say that it was the name of a cacique. Another option is that it means "Great lake" (Capac-Yac).

Travel to Cafayate

Escape to the Breathtaking Landscapes of Cafayate: A Wine Lover's Paradise in Argentina

The best time to visit is in autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November), when the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit).

How to get to Cafayate?

To get from the city of Salta to Cafayate you can get there by car, bus or taxi along the paved Route 68. However, the best option is to have a private service that we can offer you from Argentina Pura.

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What to see in Cafayate?

The main attractions not to be missed in Cafayate are:

  • Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas Gorge: it contains imposing natural formations such as La Garganta del Diablo, El Anfiteatro (musical shows have been performed there, Mercedes Sosa sang there); El Sapo, El Braile, El Obelisco and Los Castillos. All of them are named after the shapes they represent.
  • Bodega El Esteco: one of the most important wineries to visit with an estate of approximately 480 hectares.
  • Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate: with four estates (El Retiro; Río Seco; Alto Los Cardones; Alto Los Cuises).
  • Finca Las Nubes Winery.
  • Nanni Winery.
  • Museum of the Vine and Wine.
  • Waterfalls of the Colorado River.
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario Cathedral.
  • The Handicraft Market.
  • Fairs and craft workshops.
  • The highest wine route in the world.

More info about Cafayate

It is worth mentioning that Cafayate never ceases to surprise its visitors with novelties and one of them is the wine ice cream offered in Malbec, Cabernet and Torrontés flavours. Not to be missed.
For a different level of experience and to enjoy the wine tourism that its unique landscapes of reddish mountains with the vineyards of the Calchaquí valleys allow, it is advisable to stay at Patios de Cafayate, a colonial style hotel with 31 rooms, a swimming pool with pergolas full of grapes, a beautiful garden and the traditional Salta estate: El Esteco. There, the delight is complete, since you can enjoy wine tastings of high quality wines in an incomparable natural environment and taste a tasty local gastronomy. Horseback rides are also available. From Argentina Pura we will solve everything you need to make your stay unforgettable.
Other options of local cuisine restaurants in this town are: Piatelli Winery, La Rosa en Patios de Cafayate Wine Hotel, Como En Casa, Pacha Cocina de Autor, among others.

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