Cardons national park. Cachi travel in Salta
Cardons national park. Cachi travel in Salta
Cardons national park. Cachi travel in Salta


It is a small town in the Calchaquí Valley in the province of Salta, in the north of Argentina. It stands out for its adobe houses and white colonial buildings. It has approximately 9000 inhabitants. Cachi in Quechua language means "salt". This is one of the possible etymologies of the word. On the other hand, the name is attributed to a grain grinding stone found there (the Piedra del Molino, the highest point of the place). It is said that it was transported in a cart from the locality of Molino to the Lerma Valley. When he reached this place, the axle of the cart broke and the stone remained, giving the name to the highest point. Actually, the more appropriate term would be an abra or portezuelo, which is the natural passage from one valley to another. It is located 2531 metres above sea level. It has an unequalled archaeology dating back to ancient civilisations and its natural landscape makes it an incredible place, very peaceful and not to be missed.

Travel to Cachi

Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Cachi: Embark on a Cultural and Historical Tour in Argentina's Northwest

How to get to Cachi?

Cachi is 157 kilometres away from the City of Salta and 165 kilometres from Cafayate. To get there you have to take the Provincial Route 68 to Chicoana and then take the Provincial Route 33 that goes around the Escoipe ravine. Afterwards, you will reach a road of many zigzags in Cuesta del Obispo, full of mountains and cliffs. The highest point is at Piedra del Molino at 3348 metres above sea level.
Finally, after a three-hour drive you reach the village on the slopes of the Calchaquí River. Another way to get to Cachi is through National Route 40. Either way, it is difficult to do it without experience in driving on mountain roads. For this reason, we recommend to offer you the service of a private car from Argentina Pura.

What to do in Cachi?

Among the main attractions of this beautiful place are the following:

  • Los Cardones National Park
  • Puna Winery
  • El Molino de Cachi Winery. Vineyards with wineries.
  • San José Church: It dates back to 1800 and its patron saint is the one who gives it its name, San José. It has been declared a National Historic Monument and its festivity takes place in March.
  • Enchanted Valley. Nature and wildlife areas.
  • Tin Tin Straight
  • The Nevado de Cachi with an altitude of 6380 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain, ideal for mountaineering.
  • Pío Pablo Díaz Archaeological Museum: It has an archaeological heritage that shows all the stages of the pre-Hispanic history of the Calchaquí Valley.

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More information about Cachi

You can also enjoy trekking with the amount of hills and mountains it has. Besides, there are several options for adventure tourism, quad biking, 4*4 tours, mountain biking.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, there is a wide variety of regional food with colonial landscapes in the background, both in hotels and in restaurants, canteens and dining rooms. You can taste typical food of the town such as humitas, tamales, locro and empanadas. For dessert, the famous mazamorra, the torta de turrón salteño, the dulce de cuaresmilla or cayote.
In conclusion, it is a beautiful tourist destination that offers peace and tranquillity for mountain lovers and its dreamlike landscapes.

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