Puerto Deseado travel in Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina
Puerto Deseado travel in Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina
Puerto Deseado travel in Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina

Puerto Deseado

This city is located in the province of Santa Cruz, in the Patagonia area of Argentina, 735 km from Río Gallegos, the provincial capital, and 800 km from El Calafate. It has about 20,000 inhabitants. It is a coastal fishing village, known for its location on the northern shore of the Deseado estuary. The estuary is a geographical feature that occurs when a coastal valley is submerged under the sea by rising water.

Travel to Puerto Deseado

Experience the Fascinating Wildlife and Natural Wonders of Puerto Deseado with our Guided Tours and Excursions.

What makes Puerto Deseado unique?

Puerto Deseado, or Deseado as it is usually called, is a unique place due to its rich biodiversity, its natural and cultural wealth, and the number of protected areas and reserves it has.
This corner of Patagonia is part of what is called the Corredor de la Ruta Azul santacruceño.

What to do in Puerto Deseado

Part of the tourist attractions that this city offers:

  • Ría Deseado: it is a river that abandoned its bed, which was occupied by the sea. It is the only one in South America. It is an Intangible Natural Reserve. Besides its exceptional geography, it has a unique and rare fauna.
  • Darwin’s Camp: it is an estancia converted into an ecolodge on the Deseado Estuary. It was here that Darwin set up his camp in 1833. It is an incredible and remote place. It offers accommodation and expeditions on foot, in 4*4 or on horseback. From Argentina Pura we can arrange this excursion for you to live this incredible experience of visiting the places where Charles Darwin walked.
  • Penguin Island Natural Reserve: it is a protected natural area where the famous yellow-plumed penguins live, which stand out for their yellow eyebrows and red eyes. You can also find Magellan penguins, seagulls, terns, oystercatchers, skuas, sea lions and southern elephant seals. This place can be visited on an excursion between October and April. It is located about 20 km from the city centre and can be reached by a short boat trip.
  • Cabo Blanco Reserve: It is about 88 km from Puerto Deseado. It is a protected area that preserves its flora and fauna. It has about 750 hectares of sea coast. This reserve has the largest number of sea lions in the province and is the most important in Patagonia.
  • Van Noort Safari: it is an expedition with 4 centuries of tradition. A unique trekking, since in its route you can be in direct contact with the nature and history of the place.
    Self-guided circuit “Derrotero del Corsario”: this circuit tells the story of the navigator Thomas Cavendish. The tour consists of 6 signs distributed in some of the most incredible panoramic points of the coast.
  • Self-guided circuit De Cara A La Livertá: this is the first historical circuit that was created. It is self-guided, has 13 stops and can be visited on foot or by private car that we can arrange for you from Argentina Pura.
  • People’s Museum
  • Railway Museum
  • Doctor Carlos Rostagno Municipal Polyclinic Museum

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More information about Puerto Deseado

To stay in this tourist destination there is a diversity of hotels, flats, residences, cabins and aparts, and camping sites.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, there is also a diversity of options such as bars, restaurants, rotisseries.

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