Bariloche travel. Nahuel huapí National Park
Bariloche travel. Nahuel huapí National Park
Bariloche travel. Nahuel huapí National Park

San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche, popularly known as Bariloche, is a tourist destination located in the province of Rio Negro, in the Argentinean Patagonia. This city is known as Argentina's little Switzerland, it is incredibly beautiful and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, breathtaking viewpoints to enjoy its beautiful landscapes and delicious gastronomy. It is well known, above all, for its exquisite handmade chocolates.

Travel to Bariloche

Unleashing the Beauty of Bariloche: Your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Guide

What to see in Bariloche

Among the most important places to visit in Bariloche are Lake Nahuel Huapi, Cerro Catedral, Nahuel Huapi National Park and the Civic Centre. Lake Nahuel Huapi is a glacial lake surrounded by the Andes Mountains. It is the perfect place to practice water sports and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view. Cerro Catedral is the ideal place for lovers of winter sports such as skiing and hiking, while the Nahuel Huapi National Park offers a variety of trails to explore the fauna and flora of the region. The Civic Centre is the heart of the city and is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs and sample the local cuisine.

What about going around Bariloche?

If you’re planning a trip to Bariloche, there are plenty of other activities and tourist attractions to enjoy besides the main ones. One must-visit destination is the Nahuel Huapi National Park, which is an extensive protected natural area located partly in Neuquén and partly in Río Negro, where Bariloche is located. Here, the Nahuel Huapi Lake and the Tronador Mountain stand out together with a varied set of mountains, valleys, waterfalls, more than 60 lakes, lagoons and streams.

For scenic drives, be sure to take the Circuito Chico, a route that takes you through some of Bariloche’s most stunning natural landscapes. You can also take a chairlift to the top of Campanario Hill, Llao Llao Hill, or Tronador Hill for breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and mountains.

If you’re a beer lover, you won’t want to miss the Patagonia Brewery, where you can sample some of the best craft beer in Argentina. For families with young children, the Nahuelito Park is a small amusement park perfect for a day of family fun.

For beach lovers, there are plenty of beaches and lakes in the area to enjoy. And if you’re up for a longer drive, check out the 7 Lakes Road, a scenic route that takes you through three cities: Bariloche (Río Negro), Villa La Angostura, and San Martín de Los Andes, all of which belong to Neuquén. Whatever your interests, Bariloche has something to offer everyone.

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More information about Bariloche

In addition to these attractions, you can also take boat or catamaran trips on the lake, bike rides on the mountain trails, and horseback rides around the city, such as the Llao Llao peninsula.
To get around Bariloche it is recommended to use local transportation services, such as buses or taxis. However, it should be noted that the frequency is not very good and travel is rather uncomfortable. The best option is to rent a car. Argentina Pura can provide you with one.
Bariloche’s gastronomy is a delight. Typical dishes include the famous artisan chocolate, grilled trout, Patagonian lamb and the famous wines of the region.
Finally, the destination offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to cabins, hostels, campsites, lodges and private flats. With Argentina Pura, you will be able to choose the place to stay that best suits your needs and budget.

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