One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the north of Argentina.
Its capital is the historic city of San Miguel de Tucumán, where you can walk through its colonial streets and visit the Casa Histórica – Museo Nacional de la Independencia where Argentina’s Independence was signed in 1816, emancipating Argentina from Spanish rule.
The Plaza Independencia is the bustling centre of the city, home to a neoclassical cathedral and the large modernist Government House. The Casa Padilla Museum, the former home of a prominent local family, houses 19th-century art and furniture.
The province offers five circuits: Historic City, Calchaquíes Valleys, Yungas, Choromoro Valley and South. All these areas combine a diversity of landscapes as well as history and culture, allowing visitors to choose from options ranging from adventure tourism to engaging with the richness of its art, represented by its internationally renowned musicians, sculptors, painters, actors and craftsmen.

Travel to Tucumán

Unveiling the Charm and History of Argentina's Sugar Capital.

About Tucumán

Within the area of the Calchaquí Valleys is the beautiful Tafí del Valle, surrounded by mountains with a mild climate that invites you to rest and enjoy nature. Here, you will be able to visit the Jesuit Museum La Banda, walk along the Artisans’ Path and taste the delicious regional food, such as the empanadas tucumanas and the humita.
In the Calchaquí Valley, you will also find the Ruins of Quilmes, one of the most impressive pre-Hispanic fortresses in South America. Here, you can learn about the history of the Quilmes and enjoy the view of the imposing landscapes of the Calchaquí Valleys.
Another of Tucumán’s characteristic goodness is its gastronomy, full of varieties and tastes so unique that any tourist will fall in love with it. Dishes such as the humita, the locro, the empanada tucumana, among others, are true delicacies. While for dessert, you can’t miss the quesillo with sweet cayote and walnut, blueberry sweets or the traditional achilata.
Regarding mobility, for your comfort and peace of mind, Argentina Pura can provide you with transportation at all times, either in a private vehicle or in a tour group.
Tucumán is a spectacular tourist destination that offers a unique experience, full of history, culture, natural beauty and gastronomy.

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Among the most outstanding tourist destinations that we offer in the province of Tucumán from Argentina Pura, are the following:

Tafí del Valle

It is part of the Calchaquíes Valleys and is located only 126 km away from San Miguel de Tucumán. It was the land of the Jesuits.
It is one of the most paradisiacal places in Tucumán, ideal for summer holidays. Tafi has the perfect mix between jungle and arid valley.
It is the highest valley in the world and one of the most visited, with a height of 2014 metres and a surface of 150 square kilometres.
For adventure tourism lovers, in Tafí del Valle you can do different activities such as trekking, horseback riding among its hills, kayaking in the La Angostura Dam and mountain biking.

Amaicha del Valle

It is located 164 kilometres away from the city of San Miguel de Tucumán and at an altitude of 2000 metres above sea level. It is a city with a very important historical and archaeological legacy.
This city has an unbeatable climate, characterised by sunshine almost all year round.
Among the unmissable attractions of Amaicha del Valle is the Pachamama festivity. It is a celebration that venerates Mother Earth every year.
Another of the must-see attractions of this destination is the Museum of the Pachamama.
Besides, Amaicha is an ideal place for the development of wine making activities.

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