Jujuy, Humahuaca travel in Argentina
Jujuy, Humahuaca travel in Argentina
Jujuy, Humahuaca travel in Argentina


It is in the heart of the Quebrada de Humahuaca in the province of Jujuy, Argentina. Humahuaca, meaning Sacred River in Aymara, is a beautiful town founded by Spanish settlers at the end of the 16th century. It is characterised by the colourful landscapes that the Andes Mountains offer in this region and a rich archaeological heritage that is represented by its cave paintings, pucarás, which are pre-Hispanic ruins. Humahuaca can be reached by land, either from La Quiaca if you come down from Bolivia, entering through Villazón, or by road from the city of Salta or Jujuy, travelling a few kilometres along the ravine.

Travel to Humahuaca

Exploring the Ancient Landscapes and Culture of Humahuaca with Unforgettable Tours

What to see in Humahuaca

Among the most important places to visit is the Iglesia Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, a 17th century architectural masterpiece, which is located in the main square of the city. There is also a Municipal Archaeological Museum, where treasures and objects dating back to pre-Hispanic times are exhibited. Another tourist attraction is the Plaza San Martín Square, the Humahuaca Municipal Market and the Santa Bárbara Tower.

There is always something to do in Humahuaca

Among the activities and excursions you can do in Humahuaca, we recommend a bike ride through the Quebrada, a unique and unforgettable adventure. Also, if you visit Humahuaca, you might consider coinciding with the winter solstice, since every June 21st the Fiesta del Sol (Inti Raymi ie Aymará) is celebrated, which starts a new Andean year for the indigenous peoples.

As for gastronomy, the typical food of the region is a real pleasure for the palate, you can try the empanada jujeña, a traditional dish. The locro, a delicious stew made with corn, beans and different types of meat, also stands out. As in other towns in the area, you can eat the typical foods of northern Argentina such as tamales, humitas and locros, as well as the custom of chewing coca leaves to combat the effects of the altitude, the heat and the sleepiness caused by the effort involved in travelling through vast territories of dry and arid high altitude climate.

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Accommodation offer in Humahuaca

For accommodation, there is a wide variety of options: hotels, hostels, cabins, hostels, inns, houses, flats, guesthouses, inns, hostels.

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