Antofagasta de la sierra tours
Antofagasta de la sierra tours
Antofagasta de la sierra tours

Antofagasta de la Sierra

This tourist destination is located in the Andes Mountain Range, in the area known as Puna. It is 550 kilometres away from San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. It is called "the anteroom of heaven", since it is at an altitude of 3323 metres above sea level. It is a very colourful place surrounded by mountains over 6000 metres above sea level. It also has nearby salt flats, pumice fields and lagoons in the highlands of Catamarca. Its landscapes are imposing, as if they were from another planet.

Travel to Antofagasta de la Sierra

Explore the Spectacular Landscapes and Rich Culture of Antofagasta de la Sierra with our Expert Guided Tours.

When to travel to Antofagasta de la Sierra

Its climate is “arid, Andean, Puna”. That is to say, it is cold and dry with a thermal amplitude of about 30° C. Temperatures are usually below 0° C. It has about 730 inhabitants, the great majority are descendants of native peoples, diaguitas and atamaqueños, but mixed with criollos. It is one of the largest and least populated places in America.
It is recommended to travel in the months of September, October and March, because the rest of the year is very cold.

What to do in Anfagasta

The main attractions of Antofagasta de la Sierra are:

  • Villa Antofagasta: it is a small oasis located between the Punilla and Las Paitas Rivers, with farms with crops for family consumption, typical adobe houses, main square.
  • Cerro de la Cruz: with a viewpoint from where you can appreciate panoramic views of Antofagasta and its surroundings.
  • Museo del Hombre (Museum of Man): here are displayed pieces from nearby archaeological sites such as ceramics, stone and wooden utensils. Two mummies are also exhibited: a woman and a child.
  • Mineralogical Museum: it exhibits minerals from salt flats, volcanoes and marble quarries of the area and the rest of Catamarca and Argentina.
  • Antofagasta and Alumbrera Volcanoes
  • Antofagasta Lagoon: home to birds and flamingos. Between this lagoon and the Alumbrera volcano there is a U-shaped Pucará. It is a pre-Columbian Andean building.
  • Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon): It is 4 kilometres away from the village. It has a natural cave called Salamanca.
  • El Peñón: it is a village located 63 km away from Antofagasta de la Sierra. It is a wooded oasis, an area of crops and poplar groves. It is also the access point to the following two attractions.
  • Galán Volcano: It is located 80 km from El Peñón. It can only be accessed by 4*4 and preferably with a guide. From Argentina Pura we can arrange this visit for you. This volcano is the owner of the biggest Caldera in the world.
  • Pumice stone field: it is located 10 km away from El Peñón. It has large fields of Pumice stone, many curious shapes have been carved by the wind. It has an altitude of 3000 metres above sea level.

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As for places to stay, there are different options such as Hostería Pueblo del Sol, Complejo Pucará, Hostería Incahuasi, Hostería de Antofagasta, among others. From Argentina Pura we can also find you the best place for an unforgettable holiday.

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