Villa Unión. Travel to Talampaya Valley
Villa Unión. Travel to Talampaya Valley
Villa Unión. Travel to Talampaya Valley

Villa Unión

This locality is located in the west of the Province of La Rioja and is the head city of the Coronel Felipe Varela Department in a fertile valley crossed by the Desaguadero River. Villa Unión is a city with history, a great variety of activities and excursions to enjoy. Moreover, it can be combined with a visit to the Ischigualasto National Park or Valle de la Luna in San Juan, which is only 137 km away.

Travel to Villa Unión

Uncover the ancient wonders of Villa Unión and Talampaya with our captivating tours

What to do in Villa Unión

Among the main attractions in Villa Union, you will find:

  • Talampaya National Park: it is located 52 kilometres away from Villa Unión. It preserves and protects archaeological and paleontological riches. It is a geological treasure, declared Cultural and Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. The ancient inhabitants called it Talampaya (“dry river of the tala”), because the name refers to the geography of the place.
  • Rainbow Canyon
  • Anchumbil Canyon: known as little Talampaya. Strange rocky complex that houses rock art.
  • Villa Unión Cemetery – Mausoleum of Miguel Ángel Gaitán.
  • Vallecito Encantado and Guandacol: beautiful trekking with formations that come from the Paleozoic Era.
  • Lateral Villa Unión Reservoir: it is located along the Costanera de La Loma. Here you can fish.
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario Parish Church
  • San Martin Square
  • Lost City
  • Cañón del Triásico (Triassic Canyon): tours for 4×4 vehicles, night tours.
    Teleras de Guandacol: a cooperative of women in Guandacol who weave on the loom, an ancestral craft.

Villa Unión lifestyle

This destination offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as cycling in the surrounding area, hiking in the nearby mountains, or water sports on the river. Activities such as abseiling, climbing and skydiving are also available.
Other activity options include horseback riding and photographic safaris for those who wish to experience nature at close quarters.
In terms of culture, you can visit some of the local craft workshops, where you can see how the famous ceramic and wooden objects of the area are made.

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More info from Villa Unión

Regarding mobility it is advisable to rent a car. Argentina Pura can provide you with a private car.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, you can try the delicious typical food of the region, such as the roasted kid, piquillo peppers stuffed with meat, locro, humita, tamales, corn pie, carbonadas, casseroles, typical sweets such as peach and quince jelly, and the exquisite wines.
There is a great variety of accommodation: luxury hotels and not so luxury hotels, cabins, camping sites, tourist complexes, rural lodgings, hostels and lodges.

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