Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina travel
Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina travel
Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina travel


It is a beautiful city located in the sierras of the province of Buenos Aires. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich history and relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect destination for those looking for a city break. It also offers a wide range of activities, excursions and tours for all tastes.

Travel to Tandil

Discovering the Picturesque Landscapes and Adventure Activities of Tandil, Argentina's Hidden Gem

Main attractions in Tandil

Main tourist activities to visit and to get to know:
Municipal Palace
Santísimo Sacramento Parish: it was created in the middle of the XIX century. It was born with the town, a frontier town that emerged in 1823.
María Ignacia Station: historical place.
Sierra del Tigre Natural Reserve: it is a protected natural area surrounded by the Tandilia Sierras, the highest point is the Venado Hill of 389m.
Mount Calvario and Via Crucis
Parque Independencia (Independence Park): it is a green space for public and free recreation located on a hill in the city of Tandil. It has a wonderful view of the whole city.
Tandil Independence Fort Historical Museum
Lake of the Fort
Cerro La Movediza: there you will find the famous moving stone.
El Centinela Hill
Paseo de los Pioneros (Pioneers’ Promenade)
Stonecutters Monument
Valle del Picapedrero: for adventure tourism lovers, this is a park in the sierras of Tandil where activities such as zip lines, hanging bridges, climbing, rappelling and trekking are offered.
Christ of the Sierras
Park of the origin
Aerosillas de Tandil
La Mulita Footgolf
Pappo Monument
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts Tandil
Bajosuelo Theatre
Martín Fierro Amphitheatre
Mysterious Road

Going around Tandil

To move around the city, taxis and shuttle services are available, although it is advisable to use a personal vehicle. Argentina Pura can provide you with a private car. It is also possible to rent bicycles.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, Tandil is famous for its cheese and dairy products production, so it is possible to taste and buy high quality products in the city. Besides, in its restaurants you will be able to taste the best meats, sausages, cheeses and other regional products, such as wines, the famous “dulce de leche” and craft beers.

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More info about Tandil

Sausages are the great speciality of Tandil thanks to the arrival of European immigrants years ago, so it is highly recommended that you try a picada. Equally famous is the parrillada, another of Argentina’s star dishes.
For sleeping, Tandil has a wide variety of accommodation options, from luxury hotels and cabins to hostels and campsites.

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