Capilla del Señor travel
Capilla del Señor travel
Capilla del Señor travel

Capilla del Señor

It is a place full of history and beauty 82 km from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is one of the most emblematic places in the province. It borders San Antonio de Areco, San Andrés de Giles, Luján, Pilar, Campana and Zárate. Capilla del Señor was declared "Bien de Interés Histórico Nacional". It is the ideal tourist destination to relax with a country air. This locality is an architectural jewel of Spanish colonial style with a lot of history and artistic details. Besides, it is considered one of the most important places of religious pilgrimage in Argentina.

Travel to Capilla del Señor

Experiencing the Tranquility and Charm of Capilla del Señor, a Quaint Town in the Buenos Aires Province.

Main attractions in Capilla del Señor

The most popular attractions in Capilla del Señor:
“Capilla” Station: it was inaugurated in the year 1886 as part of the Urquiza branch railway.
The Martin Fierro Ranch, which belonged to the Argentinean military man, journalist, poet and politician Jose Hernandez.
Museum of Sacred Art: it houses a great amount of religious objects and relics of great historical and cultural value.
Parish Church of Exaltación de la Cruz.
Casa Miralejos: Italian style mansion with a lookout tower.
Antique Modern Antiques
Arcoiris Promenade
San Martín Square
Museo del Periodismo Bonaerense (Museum of Journalism): it dates back to 1850.
Trekking Chapel

What to do in Capilla del Señor

In addition to these activities, you can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as walks in the park, bike rides, family picnics and much more. If you love photography, this town is the perfect place to capture breathtaking landscapes and unique moments.
To get around the place, we recommend using public transport, as it is very accessible and affordable, or you can opt to hire a private transport service. However, if you prefer a private car, Argentina Pura can provide you with one. You can also use a bicycle. By the way, one of the events that take place in this city is the Capilla del Señor Mountain Bike Rally Series.

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More info about Capilla del Señor

On the other hand, the gastronomy is excellent, you must try the famous “asado”, a grilled meat delicacy and the famous “dulce de leche”. It is recommended that you visit traditional and country restaurants such as: La Fusta, Los Naranjos, El Antiguo Mirador, La carreta del gato, among others.
As for accommodation, this city offers countless varieties of options from camping sites, hotels, boutique hotels, inns, hostels, rental houses, apart hotels, inns, cabins and rural lodgings. If you prefer an experience closer to nature, you can choose to stay in one of the cabins or camping sites.

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