Almagro, Buenos Aires travel
Almagro, Buenos Aires travel
Almagro, Buenos Aires travel


It is one of the 48 neighbourhoods into which the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is divided. It is considered the most traditional one, and it is closely related to tango and the typical "porteño" cafés. By the way, it was the first place where Carlos Gardel sang. It has about 150 thousand inhabitants and in the last years it has grown a lot commercially and residentially. In the last few years, many people have chosen to live there, it has become a core neighbourhood of the city.

Travel to Almagro

Uncovering the Hidden Gems and Rich History of Almagro, Buenos Aires' Charming Barrio.

Going around Almagro

Main attractions of Amagro:

  • Plaza Almagro: this is the only public square in the neighbourhood. It has concrete tables to play chess and enjoy picnics, as well as a children’s playground and an antique carousel.
  • Palacio Raggio: it is located at the intersection of two of the most important avenues of the city, Avenida Rivadavia and Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen.
  • Pasaje San Carlos: entering this passage is like entering a time machine that transports you to Buenos Aires in the XIX century.
  • Basilica María Auxiliadora and San Carlos: Pope Francis was baptised here.
  • Confitería Las Violetas: it is one of the oldest and most historic places in the city. It is a cafeteria and confectionery from the 19th century, famous for its stained glass windows and its afternoon tea.
  • El Camarín de Las Musas: you can enjoy plays and study in its Teatro Escuela.
  • Eucharistic Sanctuary of Jesus Sacramentado.
  • Macedonia Cultural Centre: a space for culture, work and solidarity.
  • Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

Let's go eating to Almagro

As far as gastronomy is concerned, you can eat typical Argentinean food such as asado (barbecue) and empanadas. You can also enjoy a good pizza in one of the many pizzerias in the area. Vegetarian and vegan options can also be found in some of the restaurants in the neighbourhood.

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More info from Almagro

For accommodation, Almagro has a wide variety of options from luxury hotels, guesthouses to hostels, inns, bed and breakfast, budget accommodation. In any case, Argentina Pura can help you find the perfect accommodation according to your needs and budget.
To get around the area it is advisable to use public transport such as the underground or buses. However, another option is to use private transport services such as taxis, Uber or Cabify. Also, from Argentina Pura we can provide you with a private car.
In conclusion, Almagro is a very versatile destination, as it is characterised by a bohemian atmosphere and, at the same time, it has a colonial charm that makes you live a unique experience.

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