Buenos Aires province

The land of tango, estancias, football, asado and mate. It is a large part of the country that combines the natural beauty of its beaches, lagoons, mountains and fields with the cultural richness of its cities and towns.
The provincial capital, La Plata, is a city with a lot of history and architectural heritage, well worth a visit. In its imposing cathedral, you can admire the largest number of stained glass windows in the world in a religious building.
Of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the largest city in the country, the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. Here, an infinity of cultural, gastronomic and tourist activities await you. Don’t miss the famous neighbourhood of La Boca, the Recoleta cemetery, the Avenida de Mayo and the Teatro Colón, one of the most important opera houses in the world.

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Discovering the Authentic Gastronomy, Picturesque Countryside, and Colonial Charm of Buenos Aires Province

About Buenos Aires province

For nature and sea lovers, the Atlantic coast of the province of Buenos Aires is an ideal destination. The beaches of Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Cariló, and Villa Gesell are some of the most popular and offer activities such as surfing, fishing and water sports.
On the other hand, to get to know the Argentinean countryside, we recommend a visit to some of the estancias in the province, such as San Antonio de Areco with its traditional gaucho festivities and the Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum.
As for mobility, it is advisable to have your own vehicle or rent one to move around the province of Buenos Aires, as it is quite extensive. There are also public transport options, taxi and remise services available. From Argentina Pura we can offer you a private car.
The gastronomy of Buenos Aires is famous for its grilled meats (asado), empanadas, pastas and typical sweets such as alfajor and dulce de leche.

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For accommodation, there is a wide range of options, from luxury hotels to hostels and temporary rentals. The larger cities have a wide range of hotels. In towns and rural areas you can find charming accommodation in contact with nature.

San Antonio de Areco

It is a historic and picturesque town located in the province of Buenos Aires, 113 km from CABA. Known for its rich gaucho history, beautiful ranches and traditional handicrafts, it is the perfect destination for those seeking an authentic, traditional and relaxing experience in the Argentinean countryside. This city was declared “National Capital of Tradition”.

Capilla del Señor

This town is an architectural jewel of Spanish colonial style with a lot of history and a great amount of artistic details. It is also considered one of the most important places of religious pilgrimage in Argentina.


It is a beautiful city located in the sierras of the province of Buenos Aires. Known for its stunning natural scenery, rich history and relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect destination for those looking for a city break.

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