Los Antiguos and Patagonia National park travel
Los Antiguos and Patagonia National park travel
Los Antiguos and Patagonia National park travel

Los Antiguos

It is a small city that belongs to the Department of Lago Buenos Aires Lake, Province of Santa Cruz in the Argentinean Patagonia. It is located on the shores of the Los Antiguos River and less than 3 km from El Calafate. It is the National Capital of the Cherry, which is why in January a festival of this fruit is celebrated with horseriding, folkloric recitals and fireworks. This town is so called because it was there that the old ("ancient") Patagonians -or Tehuelches- were going to spend their last years of life. They named the place i-keu-kenk, which means "my ancestors". It has approximately 3500 inhabitants.

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In August 1991 this town was the victim of the eruption of the Hudson volcano, although it is located on the Chilean side, this had great consequences for Los Antiguos. Fortunately, there were no human casualties, but there was a severe economic depression with the loss of millions of sheep and impoverishment. Subsequently, the town has been recovering thanks to cooperation.
The climate is quite good compared to the surrounding areas. In winter it can reach -20° C, in summer it is mild to cool, the temperature ranges from 13° C to 20° C.

What to see in Los Antiguos

Los Antiguos is a year-round destination that offers a variety of attractions for travelers of all tastes. From open-air markets and southern hospitality to fishing, bird-watching, and trekking, this destination has it all. Take in breathtaking views from the Uendeunk lookout or explore the Laguna Los Juncos, a haven for over 60 migratory and resident bird species. Admire the ancient cave paintings at the Cueva de Las Manos or challenge yourself with a trek to the top of Monte Zeballos. The Lago Buenos Aires is perfect for water sports enthusiasts, while the Portal La Ascensión offers an unforgettable cultural experience. Don’t forget to visit the Almacén cervecero Los Antiguos for a taste of local beer or go mountain biking on the trails surrounding this charming town. Come and discover the best of Santa Cruz with Los Antiguos tourism.

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Moreover, all year round you can enjoy the squares, monuments, handicraft fairs in one of the main avenues, the 11 de Julio. And also, you can go on different excursions for all tastes.
With respect to lodging, this place offers different alternatives such as cabins, shelters, hotels, inns, hostels, ranches, tourist complexes, hostels, camping sites, houses, flats and inns. As far as gastronomy is concerned, there is also a wide variety of places to choose from and to eat typical food such as choique, fish, seafood, etc.
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