Puerto Madryn travel & tours
Puerto Madryn travel & tours
Puerto Madryn travel & tours

Puerto Madryn

It is a tourist destination in the Department of Biedma in the Province of Chubut, Argentina. It is located in the northern part of Patagonia, on the shores of the waters of the Golfo Nuevo. It is about 83 km from Rawson, the capital of Chubut and 65 km from the city of Trelew. It has an approximate population of 123582 inhabitants. It is well known for being the city of whales and the National Capital of Diving. The season for whale watching is between June and December. Puerto Madryn is the city that welcomes the Valdes Peninsula, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. It is a unique natural reserve in the world, home to the famous southern right whale, where it breeds. There are also elephant seals and sea lions, penguins and birds.

Travel to Puerto Madryn

Discovering the Wildlife and Natural Wonders of Puerto Madryn with Guided Tours

About activities in Puerto Madryn

In this city you can enjoy a variety of activities for all tastes. Among them, diving (hence its name); photography on its incredible beaches and paradisiacal landscapes; trekking, sailing, mountain biking, among other activities.

Lodging and eating in Puerto Madryn

As far as lodging is concerned, Madryn has several alternatives and with a variety of luxury and comfort levels: hotels, inns, hostels, camping sites, hostels, bed and breakfast, inns, residential houses, houses, flats.
Regarding gastronomy, the typical food in Puerto Madryn is the Patagonian lamb, but there are also homemade cheeses, fine fruits, mushroom preserves, fruit and vegetable crops, sweets and homemade liquors.

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More things to do in Madryn

Main attractions:

  • El Doradillo Beach: whale watching can be done from a privileged place and only a few metres away from the coast. The ideal season is from June to October. 15 km north of Madryn.
  • Península de Valdés: here you can also go whale watching in the locality of Puerto Pirámides, in the Natural Protected Area of the Península de Valdés, located 94 km away from the city of Puerto Madryn.
  • Puerto Madryn Beach: diving is possible.
  • Lobería de Punta Loma Reserve: sea lion reserve only 17 km away from Madryn.
  • Parana Beach
  • La Cantera Beach – ST. M. Carrero
  • Ecocentro: an institution dedicated to marine life. There are also cultural activities such as art and culture exhibitions to combine with science; concerts and shows.
  • Comandante Luis Piedra Buena Pier
  • Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences and Oceanographic
  • Museum: currently closed for restoration.
  • Monument to the Welsh Settlers/La Galesa
  • Monument to the Tehuelche
  • Punta Cuevas Historical Park
  • Ameghino Point
  • Manara Beach
  • Cliff Beacon
  • Punta Arco
  • National Lamb Festival
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